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Macdonald Inspection Services - History

Macdonald Inspection Services (MI), a division of the Canadian Softwood Inspection Agency, Inc, is Canada's largest private grading agency.   It was first formed as Macdonald & Macdonald  and signed a contract with Canadian Lumber Standards on Nov. 16th, 1966.  It was among the early Canadian agencies to be accredited by the American Lumber Standards Committee on the September 1st, 1972.

MI provides grade stamp services for forty facilities in British Columbia & the Yukon Territory, which represents 1.6 billion FBM of lumber production. MI also provides grade and plant health certificates for export for additional twenty facilities a year . We are also accredited to supervise glued lumber & MSR.

MI has participated in many international re-inspections providing an independent non-bias approach to resolving disputes.

MI's staff is among BC's leaders in the area of lumber grade expertise. Each inspector is well seasoned in lumber grading and provides a wealth of experience in quality control.

MI also provides on the job training as well as conducting lumber grading courses for interior mills and all species grading courses & western red cedar grading courses for coast lumber mills.

For more information please contact David Reekie, President, or his staff at the following location:

Macdonald Inspection Services
211 - 1548 Johnston Road
White Rock, British Columbia V4B 3Z8,   
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Our toll free number is 1-888-331-8200


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