1.                  Subject to freedom of agreement between buyer and seller as to the settlement of complaints, the purchase, sale or shipment of standard grades of lumber is construed as involving agreement for the re-inspection of lumber on complaint in accordance with the standard grading rules covering the grades and items invoiced for the shipment in question.


In the absence of other arrangement, re-inspection services will be subject to the provisions of the applicable grade rule and the following:


a.         All requests for re-inspection must be made in writing and submitted to the provisions of the agency office.


b.         All requests must be accompanied by:


-           a copy of the purchase order or confirmation of sale

-           a copy of invoices covering the shipment (prices may be omitted)

-           a certified cheque or money order to establish the advance deposit.


Re-inspection will only be made according to the specification shown on the invoice.


2.                  Please ascertain that the invoice has the following information:


-           Grading Rules that the item(s) were graded by;

-           Species;

-           Surfacing Condition;

-           Tally;

-           Grades;

-           Marks of Identification (grade stamp or other marks);

-           If applicable... the name of carrier; rail car number or truck/trailer number.


3.                  Please advise on the following:


-           Whether the entire shipment or a portion of the shipment is to be reinspected.

-           Name & address of consignee, telephone number, contact person(s) city, state or province, nearest airport.

-           Location of material, contact, etc. if different from above.


4.                  Requests should be accompanied by an advance deposit of the estimated cost (per diem, expenses, etc.) For the re-inspection.  The unused portion of the advance deposit will be refunded to the client.  Any changes or additions to the original re-inspection request must be confirmed, in writing, and submitted to the agency office.  An additional deposit may be required if the scope of the original request is expanded.




5.                  The buyer shall hold the disputed material intact, properly, protected and stored until the re-inspection has been made.  If the complaint is for moisture content, the buyer shall hold the shipment intact preferably in covered storage.


6.                  Upon receipt of the complaint from the buyer, unless a settlement is agreed upon, the seller shall request the re-inspection by MI.  Both the buyer and seller shall lend all reasonable assistance to facilitate the re-inspection.  Necessary labour and equipment shall be supplied by the buyer.  Failing prompt action by the seller, the buyer may request the re-inspection by MI.


7.                  The expense of the re-inspection shall be borne in accordance with the re-inspection provisions of the applicable grading rule, however the party who calls for the re-inspection shall be responsible to MI for the cost thereof.  The agency reserves the right to demand prepayment for all necessary expenses.


8.                  a.         MI re-inspection charges are as follows:


-           Initial management administration fee of ________.

-                     Inspector rate of _______ per hour or ________ per day.

-                     Travel time rate of _______ per hour or _______ per day.

-           Where applicable, using MI vehicles, mileage at ________ per km.

-           All travel costs, hotel/motel costs, meals, etc.


b.         A minimum of __________ will be charged for all re-inspection requests that are cancelled prior to the inspector departing for the assignment.  Cancellation may be made by telephone, but must be confirmed by letter.


c.         A cancellation of re-inspection after the inspector has left for the re-inspection will incur all normal re-inspection charges.


9.                  An agency re-inspection report will be mailed to all parties involved with the re-inspection which normally consists of:


-           shipping mill, if known

-           complainant buyer

-           wholesale, if applicable.


10.              MI will be deemed to have fulfilled itsí re-inspection obligation once it has supplied the parties to the re-inspection with a report of the re-inspection findings.




Macdonald Inspection Services Ltd.